What is not known about Filipinos

Filipinos making accomplishments all around the world.How often do these accomplishments impact the Philippine nation itself? how often do these accomplishments are actually recognized by us Filipinos? It is reality that some great accomplishments done by Filipinos are just left unknown to the world. It is even a sadder reality that sometimes the projects or proposals of ordinary Filipinos to the government are rejected because the government sees that it would not benefit the people and yet once these projects or proposals areĀ carried out in other countries, this is where Filipinos get the recognition they deserve. We all fall victim in failing to see what such honor and pride a single individual can do for a nation.

The story of Melvin Melgazo is one which exemplifies Filipino greatness and Filipino nationalism. In the short documentary of GMA’s i-witness, Melvin Melgazo’s story was narrated as he was the first person to provide a water purifier to the floating villages of Cambodia. The once dirty drinking water of these floating villages in Cambodia were transformed into pure, clean and healthy drinking water.

In the documentary, Melvin mentioned that before he introduced his water purifier, there was an estimated 60 percent of the people living in those floating villages who suffered from diarrhea. When Melvin established his water purifier all around the villages of Cambodia, he reduced this rate of people suffering from diarrhea from an estimated 60 percent to just 30 percent. That is something which is definitely incredible. One idea which started from one person, impacted one whole country. One idea made healthy drinking water possible to the floating villages of Cambodia. Although Melvin’s water purifier would only yield clean and healthy drinking water as of now, such a creation helped change the lives of a whole village. A water purifier is yes a simple and needed creation to all countries but it takes a great mind to make such a thing possible, to make such a thing change the lives of many for years to come.

It is quite sad to learn that Melvin proposed his water purifier to the Philippine government but the government rejected his proposal for the reason that they did not think it was effective and they believed that attention should be given to other more important matters. This is the main reason why Melvin moved to Cambodia and this is why he was established his water purifier in Cambodia. It has been a success for him so far as he was able to help make the possibility of transforming dirty river water into clean and healthy drinking water in the simplest, yet most effective way possible. Melvin has been serving the lives of those living in this part of Cambodia for a good 4 or 5 years. He started his business back in the year 2007.

If we would look at the story of Melvin Melgazo, his situation still exists in our present society. Many Filipinos chose to start a career abroad or chose to try life in a different country all because there is a lack of support from our government. All because our government does not give the attention needed to such talent or capacity of an individual. It is quite a sad reality that our government turns a blind eye to a possibility which has not yet been fully revealed. An opportunity for change is not simply just an opportunity but it holds the slightest amount of greatness within it which makes it an opportunity worth pursuing. Every opportunity treated properly will certainly yield so much greatness. The government should use its power to further empower nationalism in the country especially because there are countless number of Filipinos who have made a difference in the lives of others, where ever they may be.

The documentary of Melvin Melgazo also leaves a lesson for each and every one of us. His story proved that in life, we always have the option to either let things dictate what will happen in our future or we ourselves could dictate what we want to see and what we want to happen in the future. We always have a choice to either turn something into an opportunity you yourself thought was impossible or to play safe and let things be. In life, we will never know what is truly in store for us, if we do not go out of our comfort zones and explore the world. There will always be something which can be made better in the world. Every individual has the capacity to change the slightest and smallest situation into something which is absolutely great.

The Little Prince

The novel the Little Prince ought to be considered a classic. Antoine De Saint- Expurey narrates the story of the little prince and the pilot through symbolism which makes the readers think out of the box. The toughing story of the Little Prince plus the creativity in this novel would make this novel an all time favorite. The little Prince appears to contain various values and lessons which people from all ages may learn from.

The plot of the Little Prince revolves around the journey of the Little Prince to the 6 different planets in order to fulfill his feeling of loneliness. Each planet the little prince visited, a new friend must have been made by the little prince himself. He would have gained new learning about that particular planet which he visited. There were six planets in which the little prince ought to visit. Friendships have been made by the little prince as he traveled to these six different planets.

At first, the different symbolisms in the book seem to be hard to comprehend. The reader would probably have to go through a certain paragraph or chapter more than once for him / her to understand the meaning of a certain symbolism. Nonetheless, these symbolims must have been being created for the readers to realize an important life lesson. There was a saying which was repeated throughout the book saying ” What is essential is invisible to the eye, because the eyes are blind and one must look with the heart”. The author shows through this passage that there is more to life than just what one sees; one should have introspect to understand things better because otherwise there will be times when what one sees, one will not understand or make sense of.

As stated earlier, friendships must have been made by the Little Prince every time he would visit a planet. One friend made by the little prince was the fox. The fox ought to be the reason why the little prince gained a different outlook on how he sees things. The fox ought to be the reason why the little prince learned how to see the beauty in things through his heart. The lesson the fox leaves the little prince is one which many can apply to their lives. Beauty must be seen by people as something which is internal, something which is not limited to external qualities or appearance. The way the little prince saw beauty in everything has to be another lesson in which many can apply to their lives. It is most definitely hard to see goodness in everything. We may find dislike in someone because what is visible to us are the not so pleasing characteristics of a person. The little prince illustrates to us that in everything we see and encounter, there exists goodness. The unpleasing characteristics of a person or a thing, should not outweigh the goodness that person or thing holds. Goodness becomes visible to us once we would learn to open our eyes and hearts to see what lies within a person or thing.

The little prince holds various illustrations of the journey of the little prince which makes the novel more understandable. The illustrations help the reader imagine what the little prince is thinking and what the little prince desires. The illustrations very much fit well with the narrations of the little prince in those things which he feels the adults fail to comprehend.

Indeed, the little prince is a novel in which one can learn a lot from. These life lessons appear to the readers in an indirect fashion due to the fact that one person has a different understanding from others. Each person also has a different application of this understanding from others. Whatever the lesson is, however an individual chooses to understand this lesson and apply it to his or her own life would depend on the heart of that individual. What one sees is only half of the meaning of beauty. How one chooses to perceive goodness through one’s heart completes this meaning of beauty in one’s very own life.

“I love my life”

Would it be nice if you could change lives with someone whom you envy? Would it be nice that for once you could experience the life you always wanted to have? Here,change is seen as something positive, but what this “change” really offers is actually blinding a person from reality. When someone would wish to have the life of others, he/she simply perceives that the life of others will benefit him/her more than his/her own life. All that person sees is the positive effects of having someone else’s life but what that person does not realize is the feeling of unhappiness and the feeling of not being contented after living the life he/she wants to have but is not used to living.

The movie the Change-Up tells the story of two middle aged men: Dave and Mitch. Dave(Jason Bateman) is married and has two children who are infants. Mitch (Ryan Reynolds) on the other hand, is single and jobless and dates a lot of women. Dave and Mitch were talking one day about how they wanted to live each others lives. Dave wanted to experience dates with many women and Mitch wanted to have a stable career and a family of his own. The “switch” between the lives of the two characters happened when they took a pee in a fountain uttering the words:”I wish i had your life”. This switch in their lives did not turn out the way they planned it to be. Dave realized that living the life of Mitch meant getting away from the one foundation he built his whole life-his family. On the other hand, Mitch realized that if he really wanted to have a family of his own one day and a stable job, he would have to get his act together and make it happen.

One of the last scenes in the movie in which the two best friends took another pee in the fountain wanting to have their old lives back presents to the viewers the message of the story. Having the life of someone else in whom one envies may seem like a good idea. But after sometime, one will realize that sometimes he/she takes for granted the blessings he/she is given. The “ideal and perfect life” for someone means gradual separation from one’s basic foundations-family,friends,loved ones,career and many more. The desire for a life different from one’s own may seem like the perfect life but actually blinds that person from the perfectly imperfect life he/she is already given. What one does not realize is that the search for the “ideal life” that person wants to have is found in the not so ideal life he/she has. There is no other better life than what one has right now.

The way the director implanted the message in the movie makes this movie unique from others with similar plots. This movie is comedy which presents to a person a deep realization about the life he/she has. This realization is indirectly presented in the movie and is something different people may react on in different ways. It is quite rare to see a movie which is a comedy, leave such a deep realization to the viewers.

Other people may view the message of the movie in terms of living the life one has always wanted and making the most out of “living ones dream” then later finding themselves saying : “this is not how i imagined it to be”. For one to say his/her “ideal life” is not what he/she had in mind entails the realization of contentment with ones own life and the emotion of missing what one is used to having. One does not have to wait to find himself/herself saying the lines “i wish i have my old life back” to fulfill the longing for contentment and happiness in ones life.

Eggs are a good source of protein and not to mention a great breakfast.Are eggs only limited to breakfast or any meal? Just imagine eggs in a rich savory thin pancake which melts in your mouth with every bite,with its cream flowing through all the dimensions of the pancake, with its sweetness taking control over your taste buds and making you crave for more. During a hot day, or even a snack, crepes are the perfect way of fulfilling the craving of something deliciously sweet.

Crepes are typically made from a light, air filled batter of flour, sugar and one or two ingredients….the crepes themselves are very thin-usually 1/8 of an inch thick pan (Thompson,2011). There are many variations of crepes today, all made with their own filling. There are fruit crepes, there are crepes patterned after sandwiches like the ham and cheese crepes, crepes made with only butter and sugar and there are crepes which are made in a slightly different way- the crepe samurai.

The most common crepe would be the mango crepe. Anywhere and everywhere you go, the mango crepe will always be on the dessert menu. Mango crepes are usually served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup. The combination of a mango crepe with vanilla ice cream placed on top with a coating of chocolate syrup makes the most heavenly combination on a thin pancake. The vanilla ice cream together with the chocolate syrup complements the crepe very well and without these ingredients, i believe the person eating the crepe would not have tasted the real mango crepe. There is only one place where I would say serves the best mango crepe, this place is called Cafe Breton. In Cafe Breton , they call their mango crepe the La Pinay. Every time i would visit Cafe Breton, i would always order this crepe. Here, there is one large scoop of vanilla ice cream placed on top of a freshly made pizza sized crepe with chocolate syrup. The way the syrup complements the ice cream, the way the ice cream complements the crepe, is just the perfect desert. It may not be that healthy because of the ice cream and the syrup, but any crepe infused with fruits and chocolate syrup would make your dining experience out of this world.

Mango Crepe

A unique way of serving crepes would be serving a crepe with a not so common filling, such as ham and cheese filling. The first thought of a ham and cheese crepe would not sound so great but think again. There are no added ingredients to this crepe aside from the ham, cheese and the batter itself. This version of a crepe is relatively plain as compared to a mango crepe but nonetheless has the same delicious taste. A ham and cheese crepe is relatively filling. It may not be as filling as a ham and cheese sandwich, but it is a unique and different experience of ham and cheese. The ham and cheese crepe is also found in the menu of Cafe Breton. A ham and cheese crepe shows simplicity in deliciousness. It may not sound that appealing but if we are to take a look at it, to make a variation of a crepe using only a few ingredients is not easy. Fusing the right ingredients and not to mention the right kinds of ingredients makes the ham and cheese crepe a dessert worth trying.

Ham and Cheese Crepe

Another unique way of serving crepe is the crepe samurai. This is rather a more sophisticated presentation of crepes. The crepe samurai is not your usual fruit crepe. If this type of crepe would be classified, it would be a combination of a souffle and a crepe. Its toppings are a chewy crepe layer and a orange flavored cream sauce (Lei,2012). Indeed this version of a crepe is suitable for any occasion. Its unique cream sauce makes the difference. Instead of your usual syrup and fruits, the crepe samurai offers fruits with a uniquely made sauce that adds a unique taste to this crepe. The crepe samurai is very much enjoyed with any fruit flavor. The crepe samurai consists of layers of thin pancake making this dessert very delicious. The cream sauce complements every layer of the dessert therefore adding emphasis to the taste of the fruits mixed with the crepe. This crepe would also be a little more filling than any ordinary crepe due to the addition of the special cream sauce.

Crepe Samurai

Crepes make great desserts. Crepes are perfect desserts which easily melt in your mouth. These are the kinds of desserts which keeps us going back for more. Crepes are made from a unique choice of ingredients and choice of variation of presentation depending on the person. Nonetheless, any person who would indulge in this kind of dessert will have a unique gastronomically delicious experience.

That Journey

Have you ever felt nervous every time you saw that person, but not the kind of nervousness you are thinking of right now but the kind of nervousness that you just don’t understand? All you hear now is the beat of your heart as everything around you slowly begins to disappear except for that one person. All you are thinking of in that very moment is that you and that person can never happen, but if the slightest amount of hope appears in front of you, no doubt you will grab it.

The song “We could Happen” by Aj Raphael is for me the perfect song to listen to when you are feeling this nervous feeling. The line “I’ve been thinking bout you lately, i know you can save me from this crazy world we live in” entails the thought that we entertain of needing assurance or needing that answer we’ve been dying to know. Having that feeling of the need for assurance would mean, for both girls and for guys, that we will absolutely do anything, even if it means doing the things we don’t usually do, just to get the heart of that one person and make it ours. In the music video, Aj Raphael did just that. He did not stop giving nothing more nor nothing less than happiness to that one girl by taking her ice skating, going to amusement parks,throwing her a surprise party and many more. The whole theme of the music video is about giving the happiness that one person never thought could experience.

I believe that Aj Raphael himself presented the idea of longing to be with that one person despite the thought of waiting for that one person to give his/her answer. This song is no ordinary love song. The catchy tune of the song fits very well with the different settings of the story between the two main characters. The two main characters gave life to the story as if it were their fairy tale to tell. The way the actors moved around each other portrayed a natural relationship where every good trait and every fault of one is accepted whole heartedly by the other, making this music video applicable to anyone who feels this longing whether a young adult, a teenager or even an adult.

From another perspective, we may see the music video as just an ordinary fairy tale. The laughter, the happiness, the feeling of excitement,etc. The message of the song is presented indirectly for the purpose of realizing that under the happiness,under the strong figure we would like to portray, lies a soft side of an individual best kept secret from that one special person.The way the song was presented was in a happy tune despite the message of being trapped in helplessness but then you just let go and dance to the music of life.

Dancing to the music of life is a long journey where you will encounter a lot of things like putting everything on the line without knowing what, where and how you will finish. When you find yourself in the middle of the journey, you will realize that there is no what, where and how you will finish.